Spiritualiteit zweverig? Niet nadenken over je leven is pas zweverig! Wie zichzelf geen grote vragen stelt, leeft zomaar, in het wilde weg.

Living Peace Projects

From around the world, leaders of the world’s major religious traditions came together in Assisi, the home of St. Francis, as part of the Peace Pledge Pilgrimage Project; to pray, celebrate, meditate and pledge to work together based on the principle that Loving- Kindness and Compassion can overcome discord and lead to human unity and peace.

The first of three Peace Pledge Pilgrimages, an interfaith initiative of spiritual leaders of many faiths from all over the world, along with business and political leaders, took place in February 2017 in India at several venues. The second pilgrimage centred around the International Peace Palace in The Hague in September 2017.

They were successful beyond our expectations. The third one took place in Greenland and Assisi, Italy in June 2018. We felt guided and inspired by the immeasurable presence of love and grace and were honoured deeply to have shared with so many people who responded so enthusiastically.

Peace Pledge Project bij het Vredespaleis

*give thanks to A Touch of Spirit for organizing event -The Peace Palace – The Hague

*give thanks to A Touch of Spirit for organizing event – The Peace Palace – The Hague 

*Spiritual leaders at The Sufi Temple in Katwijk aan Zee

* The heart at Assisi – Italy 

*Spiritual leaders at The Sufi Temple in Katwijk aan Zee

The Visionary Art Exhibitionist

In juli 2018 organiseerde A Touch of Spirit in samenwerking met Moises Llerena een expositie in Amsterdam. De doelstelling van dit evenement was om mensen kennis te laten maken met de Visionairy Art vanuit de ooghoek vier verschillende kunstenaars. Waaronder twee Peruaanse kunstenaars/ayahuascero’s genaamd: Moises Llerena en Alfredo Zagaceta, twee Nederlandse surrealistische kunstenaars met een eigen stijl genaamd: Dionne Fritz & Marco van Aalst. Het evenement stond in context van spiritualiteit en kunst.